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Mauricio da Sousa

Les Profs T1 Virus-au-bahut

Bamboo Editions

The Smurfette T1


Jones T1

Boom! Studios

Wunderwaffen T1: The Devil’s Pilot

Soleil Editions

Witchblade T1: The Saga Begins

Image Comics / Top Cow Creator

Hedge Fund T1

Le Lombard

The 99: Justice League of America

Teshkeel Comics

Wytches T1

Image Comics


Boom! Studios

The One Trick Rip-Off (part 1)

Paul Pope

Elizabeth 1st


The Heir


The Princess Who Saved Herself

Greg Pak

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Zachary Weinersmith


LingoZING! is endorsed by established international organizations that target education and by partners around the world.

LingoZING! and the Institut français have entered into a formal agreement. The Institut français is collaborating with LingoZING! in the effort to help teach the French language world-wide.

Having learned Italian with comic books and having had a great time with it, I thought it was high time to marry media story-telling with technology in the education sector and make it appealing in a way that people want to learn. I strongly believe that when you speak a person’s language, it alters communication and opens so many horizons.

- Kyra Pahlen, Founder of LingZING!


Take a closer look into our amazing team.

Kyra Pahlen


Founder of LingoZING!, Kyra Pahlen, now Exec-Chairman has worked for over 20 years in international Business Development. Starting with licensing media rights (i.e. Superman films), she then opened the int. market for Scunci, and founded a Sakhalin-based fishing company. Kyra is an award-winning author published internationally (Bertelsmann, Lattes, Pocket, Espaca Calpe, Planeta, Ediciones B), having written the first literary novel on the life of Buddha. She founded the Archivum with Walter Cronkite and Pierre Salinger, and is an aspiring but not always successful Zen monk. Kyra speaks 5 languages.

Gianluca Cicogna

Director and Financial Advisor

Experienced early stage investor, fund manager and entrepreneur with three decades of experience building businesses in the USA, Asia and Africa.

Chris Diacov

Co-founder / CTO

Co-founder and CTO Chris Diacov brings in 20+ years of experience in the areas of digital media technology, software and system architecture and business development. His career spans from published research in the area of diagnostic imaging to medical image analysis / 3D visualization systems to advanced video acquisition, processing and compression algorithms and large-scale media storage and distribution systems. A founder and veteran of multiple successful start-ups in the field of medical imaging, digital video and media processing.

Didier Pasamonik

International Director of Licenses

Our International Director of Licenses Didier Pasamonik is regarded international comic books expert, publisher, journalist and curator. Former C&O of Magic Strip Publishing, General Manager of Humanoïds, Senior Editor by Cartoon Creations, C&O of Bethy publishing where he published comic books from Marvel and DC Comics in France. He writes for a variety of magazines and newspapers, and has published multitude of essays on caricature, comics and popular culture. CEO of and contributor to the Asterix Archives published by Atlas and Albert-René publishing. Didier also teaches at the Holocaust Memorial in Paris.

Michael Mathias

Invisible Originator

Michael Mathias has over 23 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience, including the past 8 years as a digital technology entrepreneur. He was Founder and President of location-based social media company Mojo Media, as well as Founder and CEO of marketplace network TREKA and online gaming company Change Gaming.

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